Bush claims to have invented the iPod

Ok, so he just gave the government credit for the enabling technology. But if Rove's scummy spinmeisters can turn one of Al Gore's verbal indiscretions into political hay, by god, 43 deserves no less:

"The iPod -- I'm a bike guy and I like to plug in music on my iPod when I'm riding along to hopefully help me forget how old I am. (Laughter.) But it was built -- when it was launched, it was built on years of government-funded research and microdrive storage, or electrochemistry, or single compression -- signal compression. See, the nanotechnology research that the government is helping sponsor is going to change the way people live."— Via Presswire

And I no longer believe in the slightest that these slips of the tongue are genuine. This is all about signalling to creationist knuckle-draggers that he is just folks. Me not really understand science; me just simple cave man who fell in some ice. Not so much parapraxis as massive craft.

Thanks to RimJob post on Daily Kos