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Umbrella Men
Originally published as the cover story of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jan/Feb 2012.

Alonso Caua, a Brooklyn librarian, inherited an ancient, magic umbrella that spreads peace in its shadow, but its presence now seems to be changing his 10-year-old son in unpredictable ways.

Curricular materials developed by Karen McDaid, M.S. Ed., Reading and Literacy.

Appropriate for grades 9-12
Lexile score: 980
Interests: science fiction, secret history, urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, conspiracy theories, secret societies, New York City, Brooklyn

Note: The version of the story included on this page has several minor editorial changes from the published version to make it appropriate for a student audience.

Full text (with line numbers) — 120K printable PDF
Study guide aligned to Common Core State Standards — 70K PDF
Teacher e-book review version (no line numbers) — 390K epub