"Keyboard Practice" makes Locus list; now available in mp3

Another wonderful bit of news this week, with my story being listed in among the best of 2005 in the Locus Online recommended reading list.

It's taken a while to crank out the mp3 version of the story, but you can now download it here. (It's a novelette, so even with good encoding, this two-hour clip is still about 60mb.)

Mostly just straight narration, but the two parts of the story which seemed to warrant more sophisticated treatment (the canon and the NTSB voice recorder tape) have been done up multitrack style. And yes, it is kind of hard to hear the voices on the CVR – that's just the way those things are....)


i just listen to the mp3 (via boing boing) and i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the story, i was gripped as it reached it's conclusion.

a mix of personal interests (Steve Paxton's Goldberg Variations improvisation - dance simulation) and a childhood spent reading scifi made listening (and the reading) your work the highlight of my day.

thank you.

Glad you enjoyed it.