Most disappointed visitor ever...

One of the joys of running a site is getting reports about what are called "referrers," or web sites that have sent visitors, and the one that showed up last night was such a classic I just had to post it: check out this Google search.

Yes, that was someone who came to hard deadlines by googling the question "Where can I get weed in Portsmouth RI?" Unless the visitor shares my enthusiasm for the State Senate Majority Leader, I'm afraid there may not be much on my site of immediate interest. Even teh Google stumbles occasionally.

I hope she or he has better luck with Herb Chambers.

ps: If you are, in fact, the originator of this googling, please be reassured. No IP addresses are associated with searches here. And if you like reading about Portsmouth politics, well, heck, everyone is welcome. I even have readers from the PCC, and those folks are more likely to be aficionados of Lasix, Lopressor, and Norvasc.

pps: Seriously, I don't want to be a downer, or smack anyone around. Sometimes I'm accused of having an acid tongue. Because of the speed with which I crank out these posts, I can sometimes miss the essence, but I mean no grievous bodily harm.