harddeadlines goes iOS and Android with Google currents (and more)

harddeadlines on Google currents

Google launched a new digital content subscription app (what we used to call, in the old days, a "magazine") for iOS and Android devices this week, and harddeadlines is now available on this spiffy new platform. In addition to the long-form content, currents is also a slick RSS reader that works, out of the box, with all your Google Reader subs. And it's got all sorts of social goodness, too, with trending topics and one-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, Google+.

If you're on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, just browse to this url: http://www.google.com/producer/editions/CAowzsrhAg/harddeadlines If you don't already have the free currents app installed, it will take you to the download page in the appropriate app store.

And if you prefer a different app, no worries. You may already know that the harddeadlines feed (copy this link: http://www.torvex.com/jmcdaid/rss.xml) plugs right in to news readers like Google Reader or MyYahoo. It also works great with other dedicated tablet and smartphone reader apps like Flipboard.

Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback if you try these out.