Portsmouth's Park Ave still clear after heavy rain; thanks, RIDOT!

Once is circumstance, twice is coincidence, and three times — well, in this case, three heavy rainstorms and clear streets suggests that RIDOT has found a way to relieve the flooding problems that plagued Park Avenue in Island Park.

The photo above, taken this morning at 8am after hours of steady rain (and a few locally heavy downpours) shows the intersection of Park and Gormley with only minor puddles. I suspect this may have something to do with the backhoe I saw on the beach yesterday, clearing sand away from the outfalls.

Thanks to RIDOT, and to the folks who helped keep this on their radar by responding to my persistent nagging: Sen. Chris Ottiano, Rep. Jay Edwards, and Town Councilors Keith Hamilton, Mike Buddemeyer, and Jim Seveney. And kudos to the Portsmouth School District administration for relocating the bus stop to keep our kids safe and dry. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!

OTOH, Paul "Transparancy" Kesson told me to file a complaint with RIDOT myself. And Council President Joe Robicheau, Vice-President Judi Staven, and Councilor Liz Pedro didn't respond at all. Neighbors here in IP should remember that next November.