Fistbump from a Senator

Jack and the Senator
Jack gets a fist bump from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse for his work on the PMS Mock Trial team

Last night, the Portsmouth Democrats hosted a potluck, and in addition to local politicians from around Newport county, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse stopped in to have dinner and talk.

This is one of the things I love most about Rhode Island. We live in the kind of place where your Senator comes to a town potluck, sits at your table, and has a conversation with your 11-year-old son about his experience on the Mock Trial team in middle school. I mean, how cool is that.

Full disclosure: I am a member of the Portsmouth Democratic Town Committee which organized the event. I brought baked ziti.


John - I wished I had known you were bringing the baked ziti. Next time, how about a head's up?
Full Disclosure: I am a registered Democrat (but voted for Chaffee - John and Linc!).

Hi, Viking...
Sorry -- I was going to do vegetable lasagna, but work got crazy yesterday, and I had to fall back to my simple, fast option.