PCC wins cable award for Perrotti interview

The Portsmouth Concerned Citizens (PCC) received an award from the RI Public, Education, and Government (PEG) public access authority for an interview with Portsmouth school committee member Cynthia Perrotti, according to a statement in today's Rhode Island Statewide Coalition (RISC) newsletter.

The release bylined by Larry Fitzmorris and slugged "PCC Newswire" which seems pretty grandiose to me, but hey, whatever. Take a look:

PCC Newswire – November 18, 2010 (Larry Fitzmorris) – The Portsmouth Concerned Citizens cable access program “Inside Portsmouth” has received a Special Recognition award in the category for Talk and or Variety Programs. The program submitted was the session we recorded with School Committee member Cynthia Perrotti on the Portsmouth School Budget referendum.
RISC Newsletter

The release goes on to identify the producer of the segment as recently elected school committee member Tom Vadney, and identifies other members of the production staff as "other" PCC members, including newly elected Council vice-president Judi Staven. The article continues, "We have also had a long list of members join our on air program panels."

I will admit that I missed this little gem on Channel 18, but will be requesting the opportunity to view this tape. I'll be most interested to see what Ms. Perrotti had to say to the PCC about the referendum.