PCC touts Robicheau, omits others in RISC newsletter

Transparancy is the new objectivaty.

In today's newsletter from the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition (RISC), the state-wide anti-tax group with which the Portsmouth Concerned Citizens (PCC) is affiliated, a story by Larry Fitzmorris on the recent election as Council President of Joe Robicheau highlights his PCC membership, while the affiliations of other Councilors with the PCC goes unmentioned.

Robicheau is described as "a long time member of the PCC and the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition." However, the rest of the bloc which elected him is described only as "Republicans."

I find this interesting, given that all four of them acknowledged their sometime affiliation with the PCC during the candidate forum prior to the election, as reported in Portsmouth Patch (there were two sessions, so the links below go to two stories)

By a show of hands, have any of you ever been or currently involved with the PCC?
Staven and Robicheau raised their hands.

Audience question: Just by show of hands, have you ever been affiliated or are currently affiliated with the PCC?
Both Pedro and Kesson raised their hands.

The PCC endorsed all four of these Councilors. Why on earth wouldn't they mention that in their puff piece for the RISC newsletter?

Is this the kind of transparancy [sic] we can expect from our new Council majority?