Coming soon -- Drupal 4.7, and downtime explained...

I'm a fundamentally lazy guy -- and, yes, that is a virtue in a programmer ;) -- so I while I make content updates pretty regularly, I tend to let the code base...uh...stagnate.

But Drupal, the awesome open-source CMS that powers this site, is nearing release of the next version, 4.7. I've been playing with the betas and release candidates, and it is one sweet upgrade. I'm almost tempted take the plunge and go with RC3, but the final product should be out within weeks.

So the vanilla blue theme on the site? I was using such an old theme that the most recent version of php broke it (Thanks, Chris, for letting me know!), so I'll accept the default for a couple weeks. If you're reading this in RSS, you'll never know what you're not missing. But do check out Drupal. It rocks.