Former WaPo blogger interviewed at PDF

There has been a load of good stuff coming out of last week's Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) in NY, (hashtag #pdf09) but I just watched an interview/QA between journalism prof Jay Rosen and former Washington Post political blogger Dan Froomkin. Why "former?" Therein hangs the tale, ably dissected by Glenn Greenwald in Salon.

Rosen and Froomkin talked for about a hour, and the video is up on here or you can just watch below. It's long-form, but if you're interested in contemporary journalism, there are deep insights. You might want to kick back over lunch.

Money quote from Rosen at about 49:08: "A professional newsroom is an apparatus of social control that is organized, in part, to de-voice the individual journalists. And by devoicing all the individual journalists you're able to control the whole thing, more easily, from the top."

Boy, but Rosen sounds like a media ecologist. (grin)