Boskone schedule

For anyone coming to Boskone next week, I'll be on the following panels.

Friday 8:00 pm Hampton: Scotty, I Need More Bandwidth: Managing Information Streams
Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink?! Many of us are already drowning in a sea of information (and misinformation) when we really just want the good stuff.... Does having more bandwidth help or hinder? How do you keep tabs on the information industry's output? What if you had a direct neural connection? — Would it help you to manage all those online information streams before your brain explodes?
John McDaid, Naomi Novik, Sheila M. Perry (m), John Scalzi

Saturday 12:00 noon Republic B: Net News: If It's On the Net It Must Be True
Can you trust the next blog better than the next barstool? Is the net quickly (surely?!) self-correcting? Or, does a lie that's interesting (or in somebody's interest) get to screens around the world before truth gets its modem on? Which stories has the net broken wide (and which were true)? How do you evaluate the material?
Kathryn Cramer, Daniel P. Dern, Daniel Hatch (m), John McDaid, Sheila M. Perry

Sunday 11:00 am Gardner: The Conventional Tropes of SF
A "trope" now signifies an accepted SF/F/H theme: hyperdrives, cyborging, immortality, time travel, wizards, ghosts.....what do they say about out field? Ourselves? What are the important tropes of the field? The new ones? The ones with the most juice left? When's the last time we added a new one?
Don D'Ammassa, John R. Douglas (m), Walter H. Hunt, John McDaid, Allen Steele