VOTE TODAY! Portsmouth Water board election [IUpdated]

13may24_vote.jpgThe Portsmouth Water and Fire District election is today, June 14, at the District office at 1944 East Main Road. Polls are open until 8:00pm.

UPDATE: Daniela Abbott told a reporter today that she is encouraging write-in votes for the position of Clerk. This reporter voted for her.

The positions of Clerk and Water Commissioner are up for election.

Running for the position of Clerk is incumbent Philip T. Driscoll of 169 Immokolee Drive.

Running for the position of Water Commissioner is Andrew V. Kelly of 33 Pine St.

As required by the recent change in State Law, voters will be required to show identification to vote in the District’s election.

Just because you only see one candidate for each position, please don't assume that these races will be uncontested -- with turnout sometimes in the mid-double-digits, a write-in can surprise everyone in this race.