DEM tweaks landfill cap plan

14mar18_dem_map.jpgThe RI Dept. of Environmental Management has made several small tweaks to the Portsmouth landfill capping plan, according to an e-mail sent this morning to interested parties by DEM Environmental Scientist Mark Dennen.

Documents in the e-mail cover adjustments to the border of the cap, reduction in the fenced area to accommodate wildlife on the salt marsh, and retaining vegetation barrier at the end nearest the Island Park playground.

In an e-mail exchange with harddeadlines, Dennen explained the changes: "The important thing here is that you want to place your cap over the actual landfill, not over an approximation of the landfill boundary. Hence, the test pitting that was done."

According to Dennen, these changes are still out for approval with the CRMC. Dennen also confirmed that despite the difference in end date for the Water Quality approval, the BUDA would still control: "Water Quality Cert, BUDA and CRMC approvals are all separate approvals. So they all have to be current to proceed." said Dennen.

Modified plan at RI DEM web site
Cap modification approval letter
Cap modification water quality certification