CRMC approves new test sites in Town Dump capping project

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The firm doing capping work in Island Park, AP Enterprise, has received permission from the Coastal Management Resources Council (CRMC) for several exploratory excavation sites to determine the boundary of the former Town landfill, according to an e-mail sent today by the RI Dept. of Environmental Management (RIDEM).

RIDEM Principal Scientist Mark Dennen said in the e-mail, "The owner has applied for and received permission from the Coastal Resource Management Council (attached) to perform exploratory test pitting in the northwestern portion of the landfill. This will allow them to more precisely delineate the areas of historic waste deposition, so that they meet cover requirements."

Here are the documents provided by RIDEM: CRMC approval (139K pdf), CRMC Submission (3.4mb pdf).

Editorial note: The torch-and-pitchfork crowd will undoubtedly begin screaming on Patch and their Facebook group that this is an blatant attempt to expand the capping zone and truck in more highly profitable toxic dirt. But if the purpose of the capping project is to, well, *cap* the area containing toxic landfill, this step would seem to make sense. At least it must have seemed that way to the CRMC and DEM, or they wouldn't have approved it. Of course, if you believe they're in the pocket of the developer (and the aliens in the black helicopters), well, then, all bets are off.