SCOTUS v. ChuckleBunker, et. seq.

Hey, just because they're the highest court in the land doesn't mean they can't have some fun in the process. An new study of Supreme Court transcripts shows that the justices -- some at least -- can retain their sense of humor and their gravitas at the same time. And guess who's the biggest joker?

Via the New York Times:
Jay D. Wexler, a law professor at Boston University, was quick to exploit the new data to analyze the relative funniness of the justices. His study, which covers the nine-month term that began that October, has just been published in a law journal called The Green Bag.

Justice Scalia was the funniest justice, at 77 "laughing episodes." On average, he was good for slightly more than one laugh - 1.027, to be precise - per argument.