What exactly did Karen Gleason do at the School Audit meeting?

Since I posted my story on last week's Portsmouth Town Hall open session with Berkshire Associates, I've had a couple of questions and comments about the role Town Councilor Karen Gleason played at this session. Questions were raised about the characterization of her "chairing" the session.

I've reviewed and recorded the session as it aired on Channel 18, and have posted two relevant clips to YouTube. In her time at the microphone, she says, "Please come up to the podium, I really do want you to provide your input." Asking citizens for input is a role which I would characterize as a chair-like function. And in the clip from the end of the meeting, she personally thanks people, describes ways of talking to the school committee, and again solicits input. Watch for yourself.

But in addition to the clips, here are some observations. Since I arrived a couple of minutes late, I did not see, nor did the video record, the beginning of the meeting, but Gleason is clearly standing near the podium with Berkshire Associates consultant Mike Walker. She then sat in the front row, immediately next to the podium. During the times that Jack Callahan and Joe Lorenz speak, she can be heard offering amplifications and clarifying points. She adjusts Mike Walker's microphone.

At one point, a citizen asks if they can remain seated for their contribution and Walker says, "I would let you sit there, but Karen is the taskmaster."

When Marianne Raymo is at the podium, Gleason can be heard asking her "Do you have a question?" Raymo quite logically takes exception to the interruption, replying that "Other people were up here talking."

Near the end of the meeting, she takes up a position near the microphone, sitting briefly at the Town Clerk's station.

And at the end of the meeting, when she "wraps up" (second video clip) she specifically says, "Certainly we don't want to stop at the audit," which implies both a role in the meeting, and in my opinion sounds like a town official.


Hi, Rhodygirl...
Well, it didn't take the PCC's spin machine long to come up with this smear campaign. You think you're so clever. You haven't showed your face on this blog since I took Larry to the woodshed for claiming to represent Portsmouth. Can an appearance from Realman be far behind?

To any new readers of this blog -- just click on Rhodygirl's name and check the last time s/he had anything to say.

I hear through the grapevine that Rhodygirl is a shill for the PCC and a pathological liar. It's just what I've heard. I mean, does anyone really know?


I said right up front that I hadn't written in, but enjoyed reading your informative blog..Gee Thanks! Well...thats ok...your immaturity,and(very pissed off) defense of your good buddy Mr. Katzman is sticking out all over the place.
I have nothing to do with the PCC. Smear campaign? Wow, you really are paranoid. Maybe you are just worried that Mr. Katzman opened a new can of worms, hmm?
Fiction writer indeed! one who doesn't even live in the real world anymore.

Speaking of elected officials, it was Peter McIntyre, the self-proclaimed "founder" and President of the PCC who at the Tent Meeting said "The problem is the G-d Damn Schools. It's always the G-d Schools" - a remark truly emblematic of the level of debate preferred by the PCC, otherwise known as the Citizens Against Virtually Everything (the "cave" people, or "troglodytes").

Hi, Rhodygirl...
I am indebted to you for your gracious compliment about my blog, and I'm glad that you find it informative.

And I deeply appreciate your concern for my mental health. But rest assured -- I don't worry; I just have a low threshold for people manufacturing cans of worms.


The only "smear campaign" I have seen for a long time now is you trying to "smear" Ms. Gleason.
Realman? Never heard of him.

One does not have to try to smear Ms. Gleason. She does a fine job all by her self.

Hi, Rhodygirl...
Realman popped up in the last comment thread you joined, way back last July. Guess you were only reading your own posts?

"Smear" is when you make stuff up. To bring us back full circle: If Councilor Gleason has the names of people who are stealing from this town, why has she done nothing about it?