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2016-07-24 13.52.48.jpgLast week, I had the opportunity to cover the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia for RI Future. You can read all the stories I filed on their web site.

Disclaimer: I am currently a Democratic candidate for Portsmouth Town Council, so anything I write here should be read with that in mind. My campaign web site is over at johnmcdaid.com.

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Hundreds march on "Wall Street South" at DNC [update]


CHARLOTTE, NC: On the eve of the Democratic National Convention, more than 800 participants joined in the "Coalition to March on Wall Street South" and took their message to the streets of Charlotte, parading past the Convention Center about 2:30 this afternoon. Charlotte is a major financial center, with Bank of America and Duke Energy among the corporations headquartered here.

In a release, the Coalition (Facebook, Twitter) identified dozens of participating groups, and there were banners and chants across a spectrum of "People power" themes: peace, economic fairness, money for education, justice for immigrants and oppressed peoples, foreclosures, social security, ALEC, and clean energy.

There were chants of "We want housing, not war...we won't take it any more," and "Drone strikes are war crimes...Obama should do prison time." That last came from a group who fielded a spookily accuracy Predator with a 12-foot wingspan. (View photos and video on Flickr)

Marchers were well-organized and peaceful, and the police presence was massive, with steel fencing lining the parade route, and uniformed officers stationed every hundred feet. Motorcycle and bicycle-riding officers bracketed the marchers, and although they all sported fanny packs bristling with zip-tie handcuffs there were no visible confrontations.

Delegates have already begun arriving for the Democratic Convention, which kicks off tomorrow with "CarolinaFest," a public street festival which will feature music, arts, vendors and exhibits celebrating Charlotte community programs.

Editorial note: Posted from the awesome newsroom at The PPL, a co-working space for alternative media.

Update: Minor proofreading edits throughout.

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Portsmouth's Cortvriend edged out in Democratic delegate election

With all the votes counted, according to the RI Board of Elections, Portsmouth's Terri Cortvriend came up 90 votes short in her bid as a Democratic delegate for President Obama. Here's the final tally:

Myrth YORK   2831    10.4%
Julie E. MEYERS     2153    7.9%
Anne W. CONNOR     2061    7.6%
Joseph R. PAOLINO, JR.    1986    7.3%
Onna A. MONIZ-JOHN    1880    6.9%
Mary A. GASBARRO     1833    6.7%
June S. SPEAKMAN     1776    6.5%
Brett P. SMILEY     1763    6.5%
Rebecca Kim MEARS    1694    6.2%
Tom CODERRE    1640    6.0%
Gerald Pedro CARVALHO    1369    5.0%
David A. SALVATORE     1344    4.9%
Terri-Denise CORTVRIEND    1280    4.7%
Herbert P. WEISS    1279    4.7%
Jeffrey M. PADWA 1260 4.6%
Douglas W. GABLINSKE 1063 3.9%

Terri did win Portsmouth, and, all things considered, placed very well for her first time in a statewide race. And, looking at the results, we're sending some great folks to Charlotte.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who turned out yesterday!

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Portsmouth's Terri Corvriend makes Dem Primary delegate ballot

According to the tally posted this morning on the RI Secretary of State web site, Portsmouth resident Terri Cortvriend gathered enough validated signatures to be placed on the April 24 Primary ballot. With 16 candidates are up for 11 slots, one important factor is sure to be the order in which names will appear, to be determined by a lottery next Wednesday in Providence.

Big congratulations to Terri, and thanks to everyone who helped her out!

Full disclosure: I serve with Terri on the Portsmouth Democratic town committee.

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