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Canario promises campaign in District 71 race

Dennis Canario, now the sole candidate for RI representative in District 71 after incumbent Dan Gordon's failure to gather enough signatures to make the ballot, promised to continue campaigning when reached for comment.

In an e-mail to harddeadlines this morning, Canario said, "Gathering signatures for nomination papers is just the first step, and I want to thank everyone who helped get me on the ballot. I intend to continue my campaign, and look forward to talking with the residents of District 71 over the months to come. I will be a Representative that we can all be proud of."

You can find Canario on on the web at DennisCanario.com, and on Facebook.

Full disclosure: I am a supporter of Dennis Canario.

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Rep Dan Gordon (?-71) fails to make signatures, off the ballot for District 71

The ProJo is confirming a story broken on Twitter by harddeadlines: Portsmouth Rep. Dan Gordon (?-71) failed to gather enough signatures on his nomination papers, and is out of the running for his seat in the legislature.

The ProJo confirmed with Portsmouth canvasser Madeline Pencak that Gordon had only collected 28 valid signatures, leaving him 22 short of the 50 required to be placed on the November ballot.

According to tweets by Dan McGowan, Gordon said he would mount a write-in campaign and that he should just "need to work a little harder."

Full disclosure: I am a supporter of Dennis Canario (who is now running unopposed.)

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Rep. Dan Gordon threatens donuts, waves "real badge" on Twitter

This afternoon, on Twitter, someone using the account that is attributed to Rep. Dan Gordon (??-71) threatened to "do donuts" in the yard of someone who disagreed with him and warned, "I have a real badge."

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 6.31.04 PM.png

Editorial note: Only able to post a fragment, because Gordon blocks me on Twitter.

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Dennis Canario announces candidacy for State Rep District 71

Former Town Council President (and retired Portsmouth police officer) Dennis Canario has filed his candidacy papers for state rep in District 71 according to listings on the Secretary of State web site , and this afternoon, he sent a press release to local media.

“I am running because I believe District 71 needs a leader who can bring people together to solve the serious challenges facing our state," Canario said in the statement. "All Rhode Islanders deserve better than the divisive political games that have been played recently at the General Assembly. I have a demonstrated track record of honesty and integrity and I will keep my focus on the key concerns that East Bay voters have — not partisan wrangling.”

Canario stated, “I am proud of my many years serving our community as a Town Council member and member of the Portsmouth Police Department. I look forward to the opportunity to visit with voters throughout our district over the next four months, asking them to allow me to serve them at the State House."

Canario said that he plans building a grassroots campaign with local residents, bringing groups together to talk about the issues important to them. “Every voter I’ve talked with so far wants to see Rhode Island strengthen our economy. They also want us to continue to protect our environment, support the needs of our seniors and of our young people, and ensure a safe future for adults and children with disabilities. But most importantly, they want honest and responsive government.”

“I look forward to a vigorous campaign, and I am pleased to officially kick it off this week with my campaign declaration.”

Full disclosure: I am an officer of the Portsmouth Democratic Town Committee, and Dennis Canario's opponent, Dan Gordon, has blocked me on Twitter.

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Gordon and Reilly to face new challengers for Portsmouth State Rep seats

Two of Portsmouth's sitting state representatives, Dan Gordon (?-71) and Dan Reilly (R-72) will be squaring off against new faces in November, according to the list of candidates published on the Secretary of State web site this morning.

In District 71, former Town Council President Dennis Canario (D) has declared his candidacy, and in Linda Finn (D) has filed in District 72.

I can't pretend to be impartial. I'm delighted to see Ms. Finn running against Reilly, who was a sponsor of Rep. MacBeth's odious ultrasound bill and Rep. Gordon... well, you can click the "Dan Gordon" tag under this post to see my previous coverage. Dennis Canario demonstrated, during his tenure on the Council, a fair, considered, even-handed approach to issues that would serve Portsmouth well in the State House.

These are going to be two exciting races to watch. And if you're a politics junkie like me, you'll want to watch the Secretary of State candidate page tomorrow morning as well, when the rest of the local races will be posted. Candidates have until this afternoon to file papers, so if you're *really* interested, you can pop by Portsmouth Town Hall and ask the Registrar just before closing time.

Full disclosure: I am an officer of the Portsmouth Democratic Town Committee.

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Rep. Gordon (???-71) blocks citizen journalist on Twitter

Blocked by a Portsmouth state rep. Click to embiggen.

This morning, RI Associated Press reporter Erika Niedowski reposted a tweet from Rep. Dan Gordon that tagged local media, and said, "You're all reporters. Report." So I figured I'd take a look, but our town's state representative won't let me see his tweets. Twitter indicates that he has specifically blocked me.

How's that for transparency, eh?

It's not like I don't give Rep. Gordon ink: see my previous coverage here.

Full disclosure: I'm not sure exactly what political perspective Rep. Gordon identifies with, but I'm pretty sure I don't share it.

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GoLocalProv: Dan Gordon (R-71) refuses to pay taxes on time

In an exclusive interview posted this morning, GoLocalProv reports that Portsmouth Rep. Dan Gordon did not file his taxes on Tuesday in order to make a statement. "The thought behind it was to starve the beast," GoLocalProv quotes Gordon as saying. "Maybe if everyone did that, the government would start paying attention."

Go read the whole story — especially if you live in Rep. Gordon's district. When Ocean State Action, RISC, and the RI Tea Party all agree, you know a line has been crossed.

Editorial note: As soon as I saw the GoLocalProv headline, "State Rep. Refuses to Pay Taxes" I knew who this had to be. Rep. Gordon, your fifteen minutes are up.

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ProJo: Rep. Gordon (R-Portsmouth) announces re-election bid

According to the ProJo, Portsmouth's embattled Rep. Dan Gordon announced his intention to run for a second term on Twitter. According to the ProJo, Gordon tweeted "The tyrants never sleep & some1 in govt has to fight back."

Wow. Just, wow.

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AP: Gordon says pension session was not worth attending

According to an AP wire story that just moved, embattled Rep. Dan Gordon (R-71) did not attend last night's joint session of the legislature on pensions because it was a "dog and pony show" not worth the mileage reimbursement.

Hat tip to AP reporter Erika Niedowski.

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