"Keyboard Practice" makes preliminary Nebula ballot

Read "Keyboard Practice" for free online at The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

The Nebula Awards ® recognize works selected by professional science fiction writers as representing excellence in the field. While this is only the preliminary ballot, I am totally awed and honored to be in this kind of company. (I mean, among other stellar entries, head-to-head with Cory Doctorow's awesome novelette "Anda's Game."

Watch this space — I'm working on a podcast version & some "DVD extras" I'll post soon.

All I have ever wanted to be in my life is an sf writer. There just aren't words for what I'm feeling now, other than humble thanks for all the folks who read the story, and liked it. And, as I said in the story, profound thanks to the crew from the Gibraltar Point writing workshop, especially the late Pat York.

See the full list of nominees at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA®) site. If you're a SFWA member, you can also read it here.


Too cool.