RI Future returns to the blogosphere!

Rhode Island's Future, the state's premier progressive political blog, annnounced a major relaunch this Wednesday, January 11, as part a gathering of bloggers from around the state, according to a press release distributed this afternoon.

According to the release, after a year-long experiment in which the blog was largely unmoderated and independent, Rhode Island's Future will recommit to expanding the progressive voice throughout the state. With the upcoming primary and general elections this year, a new political landscape that includes the first Hispanic Mayor of Providence and a registered Independent as governor, the upcoming Netroots Nation convention, and a series of financial and social crises that have come to a head in RI, including skyrocketing unemployment, perennial tax debates, and the recent pension reform legislation, RI Future will once again play a prominent role in advocating for progressive solutions to the problems facing the Ocean State and will be a truly grass-roots community-based source for information in the state and beyond.

The expanded list of contributors to the blog includes many longtime, new, and periodic writers and community activists in the state including: Aaron Regunberg, Andy Cutler, Brian Hull, David Segal, John Speck, Josh Stabach, Kate Brock, Libby Kimzey, Marco McWilliams, Mark Santow, Pat Smith, Reza Clifton, Russ Conway, and Thom Cahir. The new writing team includes a former elected official and Congressional candidate, a current candidate for State Representative, social activists and community organizers, a history professor, a local adult educator, an entrepreneurship and strategic communications consultant, and an award-winning multimedia producer. Each of these writers brings with them particular expertise and interests that will reinvigorate the RI Future community by reaching new audiences.

The evolution brings a wider spectrum of views and interests, and the newest incarnation of RI Future will be a platform where topics will be covered in written and multimedia formats. While budget and tax policy, the economy, state and local elections, immigration, civil rights, progressive politics, and State House news be a large part of the stories covered, RI Future will also be tackling issues such as net neutrality, digital rights, and online privacy; the intersection of race, art and politics; trends in political and online communities; and will more fully engage with the arts and culture community. More importantly, as the buzz about RI Future’s return builds in blogger and political circles, content will be driven by the evolving group of diverse writers to the site. Readers will be further engaged through an article rating system that monitors reader reaction, comment ratings which will assist with the self-policing of the site, social media linkages, reader-created content, and partnerships with other blogs and media outlets.

The new and improved RIFuture.org will be available for viewing beginning on January 11, 2012 – a time coinciding with the Annual Providence Blogosphere Post-Holidays Party, which will be held on the 11th from 7:00-10:00 PM at The Salon, 57 Eddy St. in Providence.

Editorial note: Written from a press release.