Netroots Nation coming to Providence; why not register now?

If you're a regular reader of my site (and not just doing oppo) you probably already know that Netroots Nation, the premiere convocation of progressive bloggers, activists, and political leaders is coming to Providence next June 7-10. And you may have thought about attending. I agree completely, and would like to suggest that you take a few minutes to register now.

You can register here, and when you do, enter the code LOCAL to let 'em know you're from these parts.

Why now? Because local support for the event is important. It helps the organizers show they made the right decision coming to Providence, and helps us build energy and excitement within the progressive community.

This is a really big deal for us here in Rhode Island, an event that's going to bring national figures (in the middle of an election year!) and give local folks the opportunity to make some great connections.

If you're not familiar with Netroots Nation, why not take a look at the archives and highlights from past years. Awesome stuff, right?

Head on over to registration, and remember that code, LOCAL.

And hey, holiday giving season is coming up. You know what makes a great gift for your progressive friends? I think you get the idea.

Full disclosure: Yep, I've already registered, and have volunteered to help out on the local committee, so this ain't the last you'll be hearing from me on this one.