EastBayRI redesign rocks so hard it hurts

East Bay redesign
Redesigned Sakonnet Times landing page

The EastBayRi.com web site has been redesigned, and it is a pitch-perfect implementation of everything a "news 2.0" site should be. Go look at the SakonnetTimes landing page to see what I mean.

Look at the information architecture: big, clear section heads, visible but unobtrusive top menus, a logo header that takes advantage of every pixel, and ad space that respects the content. It's a thing of beauty: you can scroll down the page, take in all the stories, and get the headlines from all sections at a glance. Brilliant.

But the awesome doesn't stop there: the site is packed with interactive goodness. You can sign up (either anonymously or as a verified "real name") and you can comment and blog, sign up for e-mail alerts, and upload photos. It does an e-mail validation and you're off and running.

And it's FAST. The page loads and page-to-page speed is outstanding, compared to other local interactive sites (sorry, Patch).

Congratulations to the EastBay team for a site which will meet the needs of our community and make them competitive in the digital space. They have made it look effortless, and it's not. Folks in the web world know just how hard it is to get all this stuff right (and how easy it is to get it horribly, horribly wrong.)

I love it so much, I just renewed my print subscription as a gesture of support, and I hope you'll consider doing the same.