Rep. Gordon organizing anti-Chafee rally (and defending record) via Facebook

Reproduced under Fair Use.

In the Facebook group "We The People of RI" a user identified as embattled Rep. Dan Gordon (R-71) has announced that the promised State House "bi-partisan protest against His Majesty, Governor Chafee's, defacto implementation of legalized thievery" will be this Saturday, October 1, from 3-5pm.

As of 8pm tonight, Gordon had 15 attendees and 13 maybes.

Gordon also seems to have used this Facebook group to defend himself (see the screen cap, above). I think I'll pass on the invitation to view his scars.

For the record, Dan, I will admit that I can only name one bill you sponsored: to eliminate the school bus monitors that have unquestionably saved the lives of Rhode Island children.