Wach CNN anchors butcher neutrino SOL story

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CNN is not the place one thinks of first for science news, but today it was unavoidable, as was, perhaps, the unfortunate presentation of the OPERA neutrino speed results by the hapless "American Morning" anchors.

"You can tell we're a couple of journalism majors trying to do this."

Yes we can, folks, yes we can.

For those seeking a more nuanced understanding, go read the paper.


Interesting insight into what it takes to make really accurate measurements.

Just one question, Where can I get a "portable time-transfer devise"?

Hi, Chris...
As you know, I blog here with the permission of parent corporation Torvex, so I'm forbidden by SEC regulations from making any forward-looking statements. And, of course, the OPERA scientists had quite a different piece of hardware in mind. That said, a productized dark-energy-powered displacement device would certainly be something considered by any corporation pursuing temporal research. Again, I'm not making any specific statements about Torvex or their research agenda. Just commenting. In general.

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