Who endorsed Dan Gordon?

Dan Gordon denies knowledge of district committees at press conference this morning.

Although Dan Gordon doesn't know it, in Rhode Island, candidates for the House of Representatives are normally endorsed by the party committee for the district. It's this endorsement that allows you to run with the party affiliation next to your name. When there is no such group, other folks pinch hit, according to Portsmouth Registrar of Voters Madeleine Pencak. In Gordon's case, that appears to have been the Portsmouth Republican Town Committee, based on a filing obtained from the Portsmouth Canvassing Authority.

Portsmouth Republican Committee endorsements for Dan Gordon

So who endorsed Gordon? Former Town Chair Frank Oliveira, PCC Vice-President Joe Lorenz, and Sen. Chris Ottiano. (There are two other names listed, but they're not legible — maybe eagle-eyed readers can help out: view the whole document here.)

Also got a copy of his declaration of candidacy for those completists who want the full set of Gordonabilia.

Full disclosure: I am a member of the Portsmouth Democratic Town Committee. My opinions are entirely my own.