OMG Park Ave is FLOODED! Where's the MANDATORY EVACUATION!!! (sarcasm)

"Normal" flooding on Park Ave

This morning, Park Ave in Portsmouth was completely flooded between Mason and Cottage Avenues, with at least hubcap-deep water that prompted some residents to drive out over the Escape Bridge, and made a mess of the school bus pickups.

Why wasn't there a mandatory evacuation? Answer: This is just business as usual, and has been for quite some time. And I certainly don't expect THIS Council to do anything about it. The only things they care about in Island Park are sewers and arsenic. Real actual public safety problems? Not so much.

It reminded me of this recent cartoon in The Oatmeal, which is really worth a click.


This flooding, is the result of the RIDOT's inability to keep the Park Ave storm drains clean and functional. It is also proof positive that the State needs to be a partner in any resolution of the septic/cesspool/sewer/contamination problems. The State has a significant financial responsibility toward any resolution of the aforementioned.

At one time, these storm drains had much more clearance to the beach. Growing up, I can remember when you walked through the openings in the seawall you had to walk down a flight of concrete steps to reach the beach. Obviously much different now. Over the years, the sand has continued to build up along the seawall, a direct result of "us" messy with Mother Nature.

As I understand it, there used to be a bridge, known as "the white bridge" which was located at the intersection of Park Ave and Boyd's Lane. Boyd's Lane did not exist at the time and the two marshes which are now on either side of Boyd"s Lane were actually just one big marsh. At that time, the Sakonnet River could flow freely into the marsh.