NOAA predicts Island Park storm surge of less than 7 feet

I'm all for being safe rather than sorry, but just to look at some data, surf on over to the Storm Surge page on the National Hurricane Center site and zoom in to Portsmouth.

There is only a 5-10% chance of a storm surge that exceeds 6 feet, and a <5% chance of a surge hitting 7 feet. Yes, Park Avenue is going to be flooded, but it does that in a heavy rain.

Are Portsmouth Emergency Management officials looking at the data, or the Weather Channel?


So . . . wwjd
ie: what would John do? It seems we'll have a storm - and I've done all the preparations I can - including boarding up southeast facing large window - storm surge was only real worry - and the entreaties of the Portsmouth authorities "ordering" us to leave.

Hi gg...
If it was just me, might make a different choice, but wanted the family to be safe, so yes, hied off to Middletown. Hope you stay safe and dry.