Arsenic Fact of the Day: Arsenic is not making you sick, because it's not there yet

In this final installment, we'll ponder the interrelationship among misinformation, the power of suggestion, and the placebo effect. At the public hearing on January 18, at least one Island Park resident seemed to be alleging a connection between the project and health effects. Here's the allegation and what the DEM said in the Beneficial Use Determination (BUD), available on the DEM web site.

Here's DEM's response to the assertion:

Health conditions have gotten worse since dirt was placed there.

The material that is the subject of the hearing has not been placed yet. Since the material that has already been accepted meets the Department’s health based standards, we have no reason to believe it has or will cause health problems. Anyone believing they are suffering an environmentally based health condition should have their physician contact the Department of Health.

Editorial note: I strongly encourage anyone who lives in Island Park to read the entire BUD and get the facts.