Portsmouth launches new town web site

The Portsmouth Town web site, portsmouthri.com, just relaunched today, and it's a breath of fresh air. It's based on the RI.gov template, and finally brings order to the site navigation and gets the java applet and blink tags off the home page.

Kudos to the Town Hall folks for making this transition happen! Go check it out.


Thank You -J- for posting.
A welcome beginning. It must have taken a lot of effort to make the site more user-friendly. Thank you for all those who volunteered their time.
However, the "mission" stated is a little too curt for me although essential and a given
in today's environment. I still hope one day the TC will see fit to state a
VISION: Where are we going as a town community as seen by our town
MISSION: What are our TC and community planning for quality of life betterment
GOALS: Can be near- and short-term to achieve the above
OBJECTIVES: Can be an assortment of action-oriented and tactical operations engaging
politicians, officials, citizens and citizen action groups, police, organic farmers,
and local defense enterprises and services industries, yes, even developers, etc.

...In my humble opinion,
Criticism accepted gladly,