Portsmouth landfill shouting match makes EcoRI News

The torch-and-pitchfork treatment received by the RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM) at the hands of Portsmouth residents at Tuesday's meeting about the Island Park landfill has garnered extensive coverage in the EcoRI news site.

Money quote:

Given the volatility of the chemicals and heavy metals already present at the former landfill, it was disturbing to hear the refrain of, “Our kids play there,” repeated by residents as a reason to not allow fill with elevated levels of naturally occurring arsenic. AP Enterprises' legal counsel, Kristen Sherman, was nearly shouted down when she said, “If you know that your children are, frankly, trespassing on private property that used to be a landfill, I suggest that you steer them towards safer behaviors.”
— EcoRI

Worth clicking through to read the whole piece. And this is on a site specifically focused on ecology and green issues. Will the people putting up the hand-lettered signs about "Arsenic in the town dump" please take a breath and consider the science?