Portsmouth EDC trash survey: Yes to transfer station, no to PAYT

The Portsmouth Economic Development Committee (PEDC) released the results of their recent web-based survey of attitudes toward trash disposal in town, with 489 respondents weighing in on a variety of questions.

According to a PEDC e-mail, 74% of Portsmouth residents are satisfied with the transfer station as a system for handling trash and recycling waste. About the same number, 75% were not in favor of a pay-per-bag program

Responses were "equally divided" on whether transfer station fees should be increased to pay for the entire cost of operating the transfer station, but the PEDC reported "some agreement" on the need to fund the overhaul of the station pits through temporary additional fees.

Respondents delivered a strong vote of confidence for the current operation, with 90% saying the transfer station is well operated, and 95% saying that recycling options were "good" or "excellent."

Full survey results should be posted soon on the PEDC Web site.

Editorial note: While the survey responses indicate that 99% were Portsmouth residents and 84% are users of the transfer station, readers should, of course, keep in mind the usual caveats about Web-based surveys.