Support your local bookstore (and enjoy snacks and bargains) tomorrow afternoon

Tomorrow, Thursday Oct 21, the stores at Wyatt Square in Middletown hold their second-annual Open House from 5-7pm. The Cornucopia Cafe will be offering appetizers, the Knitting Corner will have fantastic bargains, and our great local bookstore, Island Books, will be offering 20% off, store-wide during the event.

That's right. You can stop by Wyatt Square (just kittycorner from the Dunkin Donuts on East Main) and enjoy samples of Newport Vineyards wine, apple cider, raffles, and bargains. And since it starts at 5, you can grab some books for 20% off before you head up to Green Valley for the Portsmouth Public Education Foundation (PPEF) fall social (hint, hint).

Full disclosure: I love books, I love local bookstores, and I'm on the PPEF board.