RIP William Sloane Coffin -- update

My father-in-law studied with him at Yale, and every story he tells about Coffin shows a person who was just as profoundly human and caring in everyday life as he was about the big issues he tackled.

It's a sad day. His voice and vision will be deeply missed.

Obit in the Washington Post.

Update from my father-in-law, with a favorite story from Coffin's book Letters to A Young Doubter:
Bill had been meeting with a very conservative group at Yale. He always said "I think it's more important to be known by the integrity of your love than by the purity of your doctrine," but they didn't agree.

After a few discussions which went nowhere (Bill wasn't about to be converted and they would settle for nothing less) the leader of the Campus Crusade said, "Bill, you know that you will always be on our prayer list."

And Bill asked, "How close is your prayer list to your shit list?"