They came for the SubGenii and I said nothing...

Can you be a SubGenius and a mother in AmeriKa? Not according to one judge, who has used a woman's religious affiliation as evidence in a custody battle that took away her child. Boing Boing has been following this for a while, and the full transcript of the court proceding is linked there.

"The fact that, Your Honor, that it's not relevant to this case, that this child has not been exposed to the Church of the Sub-Genius, the child is not affected."

"Well, the child doesn't need to be exposed to every bizarre thing his parent does to be affected by it."

"Your Honor, there's no proof that the child has been exposed at all."

"Did you hear what I just said. Now sit down. I've heard enough of your objection. I won't hear any more argument on this particular objection, do you understand?"
[SubGenius Update: Complete transcript of Bevilacqua custody hearing]

Think what you will about Bob and the Church, but this is just insanity in a nation that ostensibly believes in religious freedom and the rule of law. How long until they start sniffing around genital mutilation or ritual cannibalism...