Delightful April 1 "Bush Third Term" leaked memo

Check out this "news" at The Register. You'll know it's fake if you've ever googled Horwitz Feinberg & Horwitz, but there's a sucker punch in its placid banality. The truly disturbing thing is that you can imagine W's bunkhouse cabinet talking their way into something just this labyrinthine and evil.

Via The Register
The US Department of Justice (DoJ) and the office of the White House Counsel are preparing a draft document laying out the President's wartime authority to remain in office past 2008, The Register has learned.

The scheme is described as an emergency "continuity presidency," made necessary by the extraordinary circumstances and unique challenges of protecting the United States from the threat of international terrorism.

"The world changed on 9/11," a confidential DoJ memo obtained by The Register explains, "and no Administration in US history is better suited to adapt productively to those changes than this one."

A pleasant April Fool's reminder that things could be – at least marginally – worse. Thanks, Chris!