Defend BoingBoing; display tasteful nudity for (against, really) SmartFilter

Boycott SmartfilterOkay, with all the monstrous crap afflicting our world, you may raise an eyebrow about stressing over Smartfilter, a web content censoring service, that put BoingBoing on their blacklist because they refuse to create identifiable URLs for posts containing nudity.

But it's the thin edge of the wedge. Google self-censoring in China, Yahoo flipping on a journalist, and now these quote-unquote content filtering services deciding what corporate America and indeed whole countries (like the UAE) can access. As the power of the Web has grown, so has scrutiny on just how "free" information can be.

For every non work-safe post (including, for example, nudity among the tortured in Abu Ghraib), BoingBoing serves the Web community with an enormous number of incredibly useful, cutting-edge tidbits, and that deserves a bit of righteous indignation. Learn more about the issue or display the naughty bits of Michelangelo's David to vex the censorware makers.