Jobs at Naval Station Newport

Middletown just posted a great PSA on their Twitter feed about jobs at the Navy base. For more info, go to and search by city (or try this search link).


Newport Naval Station is a United States Naval base located near Newport, RI. Newport is located near the mouth of a broad glacial inlet, Narragansett Bay, on the north shore of Rhode Island Sound. The port itself is at the southwestern tip of Aquidneck Island, which is the largest of the numerous islands and peninsulas (known locally as "necks") that rise out of the broad glacial bay.

Iron steamships first fought one another during the Civil War, during which both Confederate summer jobs for 15 year olds and Union navies also used submarines and steamships. As these new ships and weapons battered one another, a number of important men in uniform saw how naval warfare would evolve. Among those was Adm. Dixon Porter, who realized that in the future of ships would slip beneath the sea to perform silent services, or be covered in metal and fight with huge cannons. It was under Porter's efforts that the Navy established torpedoes, mines and other explosives as part of naval warfare's "emerging technology." In accordance with his vision, the Navy created the Torpedo Station on Goat Island in 1869, which has since become the Newport Naval Complex, home of the Navy Education and Training Center. This is the only active military base in Rhode Island.

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