Music downloads

John McDaid

Here are free mp3s of some of the songs you probably heard me play. Those with asterisks recorded at Mark Dann Recording featuring Bill Bly on backing vocals and additional guitar; Hands of Capt. Ludd recorded by and featuring Bill Neely.

Make an Effort (3:25; 6.6 MB)

That's Trump (1:56; 3.7 MB)

Alger (3:37; 7 MB)

Hands of Captain Ludd* (3:50; 4.3 MB)

Mother Atlantis* (4:00; 4.5 MB)

Flash in the Pan* (5:37; 6.4 MB)

Wasted in America* (3.7 MB)

Music and lyrics © 2017 John McDaid. All Rights Reserved.