PCC refuses membership to concerned citizen of Portsmouth

The following speaks for itself:

Dear Mr. McDaid,
This letter is to inform you that your application for membership in the Portsmouth Concerned Citizens has been rejected by a vote of the membership at large during the membership meeting held on August 7, 2007.

Your check for dues is enclosed.

Drena T. Robicheau
Membership Coordinator

Read about when I applied here.


You've made no secret of the fact that you disagree with most of the official positions of the PCC and you've lambasted the leadership on many occasions. I would guess that there were probably a couple of PCC members who said to let you in and that they have nothing to hide. But most members likely understand that you would not exactly be a supporter of the group and would only be a source of trouble.

Frankly, why you would want to be a member of a group that espouses such delusional demagogic drek is beyond me.

Besides, there's always the possibility that a PCC member would invite you as a guest. Just like there's the possibility that the President of the United States will call and ask to stay at your place in Island Park as he passes through on his way to Kennebunkport. It could happen.