Gleason calls use of Portsmouth 375 logo in campaign signs "recycling"

Council candidate David Gleason at transfer station.

Interviewed at the transfer station this morning about his use of the Portsmouth 375 logo in his campaign signs, Town Council candidate David Gleason defended his use of the mark as "recycling," and asked this reporter if I would "give him money for new signs."

He asked if I would take a statement, and I recorded the following, reproduced verbatim:

"It's been pointed out that I'm re-using the 375th material for my signage. All I want to say is that I'm running a low-budget campaign this year, I'm recycling my literature from 2012, and those signs I purchased in November of 2013 to honor old houses in town and I've just put my logo on them, it was never meant as any more than just recycling materials to run a low-budget campaign. If people want to vote for me, then that would be great. But I just don't have the money. I've spent all the money I've made as a Councilor on projects around town, and I'm hoping people see that for what it's worth, and I'm a recycler at heart. That's the bottom line for me."

Asked how he would respond to those who would say that he was taking a non-partisan logo developed as a public good for the town and degrading it by using it in a partisan fashion for his own personal gain, Gleason responded:

"I would say I never thought about that when I put those signs out, nor do I think it's an issue at this point. Actually, if you look at the sign, it'll say '375 plus one' so I'm just carrying on the tradition honoring Portsmouth history."

Editorial note: Mr. Gleason made the accusation, during the interview, that this was partisan. Let me be very clear. When I post something because I'm a Democrat, I mention that if it's not blatantly obvious from the context. I'm pissed off about this because this was the logo for our Town's 375th anniversary, and he's using it as a campaign prop. What you are hearing right now is not faux partisan outrage; I'm personally offended and personally angry.


Unbelievable. I just checked the 375 Committee website and Gleason is not listed as a having donated or contributed anything. The 375 Committee was a volunteer group with no agenda other than celebrating our heritage and providing the town with interesting and entertaining events and they did an awesome job. For him to try to associate himself with those efforts in the minds of voters is disgraceful and disrespectful to the Committee. I hope the town takes some action. They would if he was using the police dept. or fire dept. logos wouldn't they? Maybe he plans that for next week. The recycling spin is insulting BS. I understand recycling his 2012 campaign literature, he has no accomplishments in the last 2 years to justify printing new stuff but to use a nonprofit volunteer group's sign and logo to try to fool voters is disgraceful