The Downing Street memo gets some pickup

At least the Washington Post is continuing to poke around this story. In this piece, they pick up on the connection between the timing of the memo and John Bolton's successful efforts to get a key UN chemical weapons inspector fired.

Where, though, is the wider coverage? Why are we not above the fold in the Gray Lady? Where's the followup to Elisabeth Bumiller's piece — oh, wait, I guess none is necessary, since Bush's comment is "There's nothing farther from the truth." That settles that.

In Congress, where it can be conveniently dismissed as partisan wrangling, at least a few are standing up. Gotta love John Conyers (D-MI) letter to Bush, "I deplore the fact that our media have been so reticent on the question of whether there was a secret planning of a war for which neither the Congress nor the American people had given permission. "